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The data is collected in predefined metastock format which allows the MetaStock users to take advantage of it and use the data without conversion. The metastock format is widely popular format for charting software applications and can be used directly in many such applications, or it can be converted into any other formats. The converter tool is included with EZQuote.

Unlike many other data vendors EZQuote allows you to download your quotes right after the market is closed, while in usual case you would have to wait a few hours to be able to get fresh data. In fact, the way EZQuote works, you can get updated quotes on the fly. The data is always recently updated, which lets you make your analysis of the situation instantly and make your trading decision during the market hours.

With EZQuote you donít have to search for your symbols anywhere else. The symbol database which comes with EZQuote contains hundreds of predefined symbols divided into separate categories by exchanges, industries, indices etc. For MetaStock users familiar with sym files, which are just customized symbol lists defined by the user, EZQuote make it easy to use those files. Since EZQuote uses Yahoo Finance quote servers, it is easy to use the web and search for the symbols using Yahoo Finance search tools.

To meet the demand of our customers who are concerned about long-term availability of the internet servers that provide the free market data used by EZQuote, we are happy to inform our customers that, beginning from version 1.04, EZQuote is available for purchase on a lease-to-own basis.

Instead of purchasing EZQuote for the full price, you can lease EZQuote monthly until you own it. By leasing EZQuote monthly, you do not risk losing your money if free market data becomes suddenly unavailable.

EZQuoteLite, beginning from version 1.07,is also available for purchase by making monthly payments.


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