EZQuote allows you to retrieve recent and historical end-of-day quotes for virtually any stock, index, mutual fund or ETF publicly traded in the USA or other world markets. The data can be stored in MetaStock or ASCII format and can be easily analyzed using any charting software package.

By default, the data is downloaded and saved in MetaStock format. Therefore, you do not need to waste your time converting data. Download quotes and analyze data right away using your MetaStock software. EZQuote supports MetaStock versions 7, 8, 9 and 10.


It has been said that the market is a zero sum game. It is not exactly so if you take into account your transaction fees, the cost of market data, the cost of the charting software you are using, the cost of advice services or newsletter subscriptions you maybe buying, etc.

At EZTradingClub we are helping you to cut down your expenses related to the trading practice. Eventually, it will make your trading account grow faster and keep you in the game longer. Any experienced trader knows about the importance of money management in the trading business, and keeping your trading expenses down is part of it.

We offer paper trading services at absolutely no charge and with no commitment. Most of the brokerage houses will require you to open an actual account before letting you paper trade. On other paper trading sites you might find that you are limited only to long positions because they do not allow you to sell short. We have no such limitations, and once again, it is absolutely free.

In our products section, you can find our software, which we consider a must have if you want to cut your trading expenses. EZQuote and EZQuoteLite are simple to use market data downloaders with many useful features. You can get stock quotes and historical data absolutely free with no monthly fees.

"This is the only free paper trading site I have found on the internet. There are many sites available out there but you have to open a trading account first. That is ridiculous. I just want to try my trading strategy in the real market." - E.Madden, NY

"I like to paper trade here. The trading pages have a professional interface and useful features."- R.Bloch,

The Elliott Wave Principle: A "Marvel" of Technical Analysis

Just when you thought there'd been every possible adaptation of the Marvel comics movie franchise, we've thought of one more: A Marvel installment based on financial market analysis.



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